We’re curious about everything.





We’re switched-on, we’re trailblazers, and we’re curious about everything. We don’t settle for mediocre solutions, and we aren’t afraid to take calculated risks in order to make progress.


We have fun. We’re ready for whatever comes our way. We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll do what it takes to find them. We’re committed to quality and have established ourselves as a sought-after provider of expert solutions. We treat client projects like they’re our own, and we are invested in their success.


We listen to our clients, and we’re agile in order to respond to their unique needs. We speak to our clients and colleagues with clarity, honesty, and respect. We’ve learned that a little bit of humour goes a long way, making our teams and projects operate like a well-oiled machine. We’re reliable, calm, and deliberate – making smart decisions that benefit both us and our clients.


“We treat client projects like they’re our own, and we are invested in their success.”


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We provide curious people with an environment where they can solve complex problems, achieve their greatest professional potential, and make a difference.

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Our specialist team has a great deal of exposure, practice, and success in a variety of sectors, with a focus on mining (potash, gold, uranium, and diamonds).

With a diverse range of clients located in different geographical regions and working in different commodities, Engcomp provides an alternative outlook from those who specialize in a single type of mining or are confined to a specific geographical area.