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Gensource Potash Corporation

Vanguard One Feasibility Study


Gensource Potash Corporation (Gensource) is advancing the development of a vertically integrated, small-scale potash production facility in its “Vanguard area”.

The Vanguard One project is the first “module” to be developed by Gensource and is designed to produce 250,000 tonnes of saleable potash per year by employing selective solution mining techniques combined with proprietary processing enhancements.

Engcomp recently completed a feasibility study for Vanguard One, based on engineering and cost estimating methods and levels of effort to support an AACE International Class 3 capital cost estimate.


Nutrien Cory Potash

Sustaining Capital Program


Nutrien Cory Potash (formerly PCS Cory) was facing a situation of having to implement more than double the number of capital projects in 2012 as compared to typical years. Therefore, they needed extra support to manage, coordinate and execute the additional projects.

Nutrien Cory Potash made a strategic decision to hire ENGCOMP as their service provider in order to enable a focused, consistent approach to the engineering and project management required for many of the small projects that made up the capital program.

The approach involved having close interaction between Nutrien Cory Potash and ENGCOMP to ensure effective implementation; therefore, onsite interaction was common at the Cory site to manage the process.


Orano Canada

Ammonium Sulphate Plant Expansion



Orano Canada (Orano) planned on increasing the production capacity of their McClean Lake mill which required an expansion of the existing Ammonium Sulphate (CX) Plant to handle the additional barren strip solution and increased ammonium sulphate product.


This project involved the participation of Engcomp’s structural, mechanical, electrical & cost engineering teams. Our scope was to advance the CX Plant modification and expansion project through the basic and detailed engineering levels, while supporting procurement, construction and commissioning. Our team also produced capital cost estimates for Orano's stage-gate approval from basic to detailed engineering, with an additional estimate being prepared to help control and budget for construction.


Defence Construction Canada

FMF Cape Breton Shop Consolidation Project, Phase IV Project Risk Analysis for Defence Construction Canada, Department of National Defence


Engcomp was contracted by Defence Construction Canada (DCC) to assist the Department of National Defence (DND) in defining the budget for Phase IV of the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton (FMF (CB)) Shop Consolidation Project (Project 4360). The study was to be executed in 4 parts: Project Evaluation, Contingency Analysis, Project Risk Analysis and Project Documentation.

The FMF (CB) Project has been ongoing for more than 10 years and is currently in the fourth phase of execution. On any project there is always room for improvement. Documenting lessons learned from the past provides opportunity to make improvements for future projects. Engcomp provided a review of project issues to date and offered recommendations on key areas of improvement for increasing the likelihood of future project success.


Monroe Creek Crossing Bridge

Claude Resources Inc., Seabee Gold Mine, Saskatchewan


Engcomp was commissioned by Claude Resources Inc (CRI) to design a bridge using two decommissioned flat deck rail cars. The bridge was installed across Monroe Creek to gain access from their Seabee Gold Processing Facility to the newly developed Santoy Gold Mine. Ore supply from the Santoy Mine assures the continued viability of the mill processing facility at Seabee.

This project provided many engineering, logistical, budget, and scheduling challenges. The rail cars themselves had significant damage and deterioration that had to be addressed; the framing system used to make up the cars is unconventional when it comes to use within a bridge-type structure, and significant structural upgrades were required in order to carry the loads for the intended use.


Mosaic Potash Expansion

Product Transfer, Storage & Reclaim Systems, Phase 2 Expansion Study for Mosaic Potash, Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan


Mosaic is the world's leading producer of potash and phosphate crop nutrients. They record annual revenues exceeding $5.8 billion (FY 2007), and employ approximately 7,000 people worldwide.

Mosaic has three Canadian potash facilities containing four mines, all located in the southern half of the Province of Saskatchewan, including its solution mine at Belle Plaine. Its Canadian operations produce 15 different potash products, including industrial grades, many through processes.

Mosaic Company recently announced plans to increase its Saskatchewan potash production by five million tonnes over the next twelve years. This will require expansions totaling over $3 billion US in the three operations at Belle Plaine, Esterhazy and Colonsay. These projects will require 4,500 person years of employment for the construction phase and will create an estimated 700 permanent jobs upon completion.