Nutrien Cory Potash

Sustaining Capital Program


Nutrien Cory Potash (formerly PCS Cory) was facing a situation of having to implement more than double the number of capital projects in 2012 as compared to typical years. Therefore, they needed extra support to manage, coordinate and execute the additional projects.

Nutrien Cory Potash made a strategic decision to hire ENGCOMP as their service provider in order to enable a focused, consistent approach to the engineering and project management required for many of the small projects that made up the capital program.

The approach involved having close interaction between Nutrien Cory Potash and ENGCOMP to ensure effective implementation; therefore, onsite interaction was common at the Cory site to manage the process.

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Detailed Engineering Design

Along with project management and implementation support, Nutrien Cory Potash required assistance in certain aspects of the detailed engineering design including structural, mechanical and electrical/instrumentation components.

There were two main groups involved in the process to help Nutrien Cory Potash: Program Management Group and Engineering Design Group.

Program Management involved facilitating the projects and managing the overall process which included:

  • Ensuring efficient internal & external correspondence
  • Preparing and issuing progress update reports for progress meetings as directed by Nutrien Cory Potash (every two weeks, every month, etc)
  • Organization & participation in necessary design & site meetings
  • Implementation of key document control procedures, transmissions and file sharing as required
  • Communications management
  • Management of project action register & punch lists
  • Cost control
  • Support during construction

The result of the Sustaining Capital Program was that Nutrien Cory Potash successfully executed numerous capital projects over the year, with ENGCOMP acting as a consistent and reliable service provider for many of these projects.

The following chart summarizes the projects that the Engineering Design Group was responsible for, and the disciplines involved (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation, and Cost).

Project Struct Mech E&I Cost
Safety Related Access Platforms
Capital Tank Upgrades
Soluble Amine Batch Mixing Automation
Tank & Transfer Pumps Expansion
Underflow Screen Upgrade
Environmental Waste Collection Depot
Sump Pump & Piping System Upgrade
VFD Spare Replacement
Capital Hoisting Upgrades
Soluble Lamella Froth Issues
Coarse Rougher Distributor Improvements
Tertiary Cyclone Diversion to Slimes Disposal Tank
HVAC Improvements
Start/Stop Stations Upgrades
Boiler Room & Reagent Area Wastewater Handling
Ore Apron Feeder Discharge Chute Modifications
Diesel Tank Installation
Dryer Scrubber Water Addition Control & Automation
Loadout Site Paving
Brine Injection Piping Upgrade
Brine Heater