Specialty Services

Specialty Services

We have proven experience providing non-traditional service offerings to our clients.


Besides solving complex engineering problems, we are also experienced business builders and contributors of value.

We have proven experience providing non-traditional service offerings to our clients, and we will continue to find ways to apply our team’s combined body of knowledge in other areas. Below are a few examples of the areas that we have built expertise.

Structural Assessments

We have a long history of creating and implementing asset integrity programs and strategies with our heavy industrial clients. Mining companies in the potash and uranium sectors have benefitted from our team’s focus on providing systems that are easily implemented and based in engineering, meaning that the results that we produce in our assessments can be easily transferred to action.

Our asset integrity program team members are experienced in both the design and assessment of structural elements. We create risk-based Asset Integrity Programs that are supplemented by not only our extensive experience executing asset integrity programs, but also our engineering expertise as it applies to Asset Integrity Programs, and structural design.

We provide our clients with a complete solution. We will develop the asset integrity program, provide qualified assessors, identify deficiencies and provide a fully-engineered solution to address identified deficiencies.

Facilitated Project Planning

The importance of planning for the success of projects cannot be overstated. Projects that engage in up-front planning stand a greater chance of success and buy-in from the key stakeholders.

We have developed a Facilitated Project Planning Process (F3P), which brings together stakeholders and subject matter experts with intimate knowledge of the project. These members are responsible for core areas such as engineering, procurement, construction management, operations, and construction. Bringing these stakeholders together helps ensure that key perspectives are addressed and integrated into the overall project schedule.

Our F3P is a dynamic process where project team members brainstorm activities that are critical to the project using multiple techniques. The objective of the planning session is to create an environment where participants are free to challenge the status quo and think “outside the box”. This collaboration helps to provide a guiding path for our clients’ projects, presented in the form of an Action Plan and Level 1 Schedule. This process leads to increased confidence in the project schedule requirements, and gives our clients focus for moving forward on their project definition.

Independent Project Review and Audits

With decades of experience in project management, estimating, and construction, we have the experience to provide independent third-party reviews and audits of capital projects.

Reviews and audits can be performed on all types of projects, from the point at which a business opportunity is identified, to the point at which the project is sanctioned. The analysis takes an in-depth look at not only cost, but also evaluates the level of project definition, estimating methodology, quantity and status of key engineering deliverables and is based on the project’s work breakdown structure.

Risk Management Planning and Facilitation

We have developed tools and techniques to help our clients deal with project associated risks using qualitative approaches. The service is effective in identifying, prioritizing and, most importantly, creating a plan to help teams strategically manage risks throughout the life of the project. The result of this service is intended to establish an environment of risk management within an organization and ultimately help to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.