Engcomp women bring the "power"ful world of electrical engineering into the classroom


At the University of Saskatchewan's 'Discover Engineering Conference' on November 24, 2012, Lindsay Bedard and Tenille Falconer, Intermediate Engineer and Intermediate Electrical and Instrumentation Designer at Engcomp, lent their experience as role models for young women in the field of engineering.

The aim of the annual conference is to introduce female students to the various fields of engineering and some of the career opportunities that would be available to them after finishing a degree in the field.

The conference takes students through interactive sessions, engaging activities, and tours led by professional engineers and students from the College of Engineering at the U of S.


Bedard and Falconer led a workshop where they helped a classroom of 60 female grade 8 students wire up a circuit board, which was designed by Bedard and built by Delco Automation. The young ladies watched in awe while their efforts successfully powered up a 120V fan and a green light that indicated the fan was running. The two professionals also taught the students about relays and how they can be used to control a motor, as well as the workings behind push-to-test indicating lights and selector switches.

"We were so thrilled to participate in the conference for the first time," says Bedard. "It was great to show the girls what they could look forward to if they pursued electrical engineering. It's no longer a male dominated profession... and it's rewarding, challenging and a lot of fun."

Bedard and Falconer say they look forward to being invited back next year to promote the field of electrical engineering as a future career.

For more information on the engineering events visit the College of Engineering website: www.engr.usask.ca/newscentre/events.php

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