Building Information Modeling (BIM) in an Evolving Industry

Written by Steven Matschke, Structural Designer

Building Information Management... What is that?! Well, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries most recent, and, potentially its most controversial, technology buzzword.


To be more specific, BIM is not a software type or file format, rather it's a process involving the creation and management of digital representations of physical building properties used to virtually build a structure before it is physically constructed. BIM goes beyond the previous widely adopted Computer-aided Design (CAD) technologies (bringing 2D drafting and 3D modeling to the AEC industry), fostering the development of Object Based Parametric modeling and allowing for greater project wide interoperability between stakeholders.

BIM, in essence, has allowed for project teams to create and share high quality, customized, and controlled information that is adaptable for any variety project needs.

Pragmatic Approach

At Engcomp, we take pride in our pragmatic approach to BIM technology: Utilize proven technologies, in conjunction with open and collaborative project communication, to unlock the true potential of the project team. As an Engineering Consultant, Engcomp is continuously challenged to provide project information to a variety of different clients, each with unique expectations of their project deliverables.

To accommodate our clients, each and every project at Engcomp utilizes our professionally developed and comprehensive BIM Execution Planning process, used for identifying strategic areas for utilizing appropriate design and construction technologies to provide significant improvements on project efficiency and safety.

We believe that the industry does its best work when our design and construction professionals have access to the proven tools that allow them to collaborate to achieve their goals.

Our goal is to provide professionals with access to the technologies and expertise needed to plan, execute, and deliver projects to the highest degree of quality. We look forward to the opportunity to provide this advantage on your next project!

Building Information Modeling
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